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     Jiaxing Trustworthy Luggage & Bags Manufacturing Co., Ltd.was established in 1984. We are specialized in the design, manufacturing and marketing of travel luggage set & Trolley case.We manufacture three series:Hard side luggage, Soft side luggage and All aluminium frame suitcases. Monthly production is up to 100 thousand pieces, annual sales is $30 million, and 

90% of our luggage were exported to overseas, especially USA. We strive to devolope together with the world-class brands in specialized in travel industry. For more than 30 years we have been dedicated to continuously improving our products and, in doing so, have redefined the status quo in the luggage segment time and again through ground-breaking new developments. Our goal is for travellers the world over to have a reliable companion with our products on the journeys and adventures.

We work hard to make your trip easier and happier.Trustworthy is one of the very few manufacturers who have own R&D departments,  joint venture of machinery factories & mould factories, mould injection factories and luggage factories. With all these facilities, Trustworthy is able to supply our customers the best products of innovative design, high quality and the best value relation.

We advocate OEM/ODM coordinated development.We make  various types of ABS & PC zipper luggage and aluminum frame luggage according to cutomers’ request or design, For example, China merchants Bank, Automobile manufacturing company, Airline company, etc. Buyer's logo, customized design are  welcome.  Our sample delivery  time is 5-7days, bulk lead time is 30 days.

We focused on high quality & cost-effective products  and timely delivery guaranteed. We have professional QA department to process quality control. Meanwhile, We use high quality material to ensure our products’ quality, For   example, PC material, We  are  using Makrolon polycarbonate material from Germany Bayer MaterialScience Co.,Ltd. If there is any defective accessories, we will give our customer the new parts for free to replace in the next order and compensate the related loss.


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